Vol 15, No 2 (2018)

Associations of sex hormones with components of insulin-glucose homeostasis
Tsygankova O.V., Badin A.R., Bondareva Z.G., Lozhkina N.G., Platonov D.Y.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):3-10
Modern concepts of the pathogenesis of obesity and new approaches to its correction
Logvinova O.V., Poydasheva A.G., Bakulin I.S., Lagoda O.V., Kremneva E.I., Troshina E.A., Mazurina N.V., Suponeva N.A., Tanashyan M.M., Dedov I.I., Piradov M.A.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):11-16
Original paper
Age and sex epidemiology of obesity
Menshikova L.V., Babanskaya E.B.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):17-22
Analysis of the actual nutrition of the female population of Novosibirsk, depending on the magnitude of the glycemic index of their diet
Kuntsevich A.K., Mustafina S.V., Verevkin E.G., Shcherbakova L.V., Rymar O.D.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):23-28
The thickness of the epicardial fat is the "visit card" of metabolic syndrome
Drapkina O.M., Shepel R.N., Deeva T.A.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):29-34
Effects of inclusion of dietary fibers in the composition of the diet in obesity
Kurmangulov A.А., Dorodneva E.F., Troshina I.A., Petrova Y.A., Golubeva T.I.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):35-39
Therapy of obesity by sibutramin: polymorphisms of TPH2 and GNB3 genes and decrease of body weight
Galieva M.O., Troshina E.A., Mazurina N.V., Volynkina A.P., Artiushin A.V., Pavlova A.S.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):40-45
Hypophosphatemic rickets: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment
Kulikova K.S., Tiulpakov A.N.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):46-50
Case Report
Multiple hormonal resistance and metabolic disorders in pseudogypoparatiosis
Dzeranova L.K., Makazan N.V., Pigarova E.A., Tiuliakova A.N., Artemova E.V., Soldatova T.V., Tulupov D.O., Vorontsov A.V., Mel`nichenko G.A.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):51-55
Federal clinical guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of diabetes insipidus in adults
Dedov I.I., Mel'nichenko G.A., Pigarova E.A., Dzeranova L.K., Rozhinskaya L.Y., Przhiyalkovskaya E.G., Belaya Z.E., Grigoriev A.Y., Vorontsov A.V., Lutsenko A.S., Astafyeva L.I.
Obesity and metabolism. 2018;15(2):56-71

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